Data recently released by IBISWorld shows that the self-storage market in Canada has gone up 4.1% annually since 2010. Increasingly, people are renting self-storage units as both disposable income increases and people relocate to smaller homes. These days, people have more possessions and less space to store it all, making a storage unit the perfect place to temporarily house items. Here are some other great reasons people rent storage units:

  • During a Move: People often find themselves temporarily between homes during a move. Self-storage units make it easy to lock their belongings up in a secure facility for a matter of weeks or even months.
  • University Students: When the dorms close for the summer, many students need a storage space for a few months until university starts back in the fall.
  • Businesses: Storage units are the perfect solution for businesses wanting to cut back on office lease expenses. Storage is a great place to store documents, office equipment & furniture, and inventory.
  • During Home Renovation: If your house is under construction, the last thing you want is paint and dust getting all over your belongings. Move things into temporary storage and make your remodel easier.
  • Travel: Getting away for a while? Instead of wasting money on an apartment lease while you spend time abroad, rent a storage unit for a fraction of the cost.
  • De-clutter: Saying goodbye to your stuff can be hard, but renting a storage unit can help you with the decluttering process by giving you time to sort through what to keep and what to toss.
  • Seasonal storage: If your home lacks ample storage space, then renting a storage unit could be the perfect solution. Stow your winter gear, your holiday decorations, and more until they are needed again.

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