Pros and Cons of Renting a Pod Shipping Container for Your Move

Whether you are moving across town or to the other side of the country, the process can be stressful. There are some moving options available. Along with rental trucks and full-service companies, you can also use portable storage units. The popularity of this self-moving and storage option is growing. As with any moving service, there are pros and cons associated with using a pod. Continue reading to learn some of the most commonly reported advantages and disadvantages of moving storage containers.

Advantages of Using a Moving Pod

Because pods have several advantages, the units can make your move less stressful. These include:

  • The unit is conveniently delivered right to your home.
  • Level loading from companies like PODS means no ramps are needed.
  • Pods are available in several sizes depending upon your requirements. A favorite primarily for non-residential relocations, Mobile Mini offers customers seven different container sizes!
  • The pod sits outside your house giving you the flexibility to pack at your own pace while providing a clean, secure place to store your items. You lock it and keep the key.
  • You may not have to impose on friends and family to help you move.
  • It is usually less expensive to opt for a pod than a full-service moving company. However, you can still hire hourly moving help through services like College Hunks to get the container loaded.
  • If you have to move out of your old residence before your new home is ready, the pod can be stored temporarily. This means that you do not have to rent a self-storage unit.
  • They can be used for temporary storage when you arrive at your destination, so you do not have to rush to unpack.
  • You can drive your car rather than a large truck to your new home. This advantage eliminates the need to tow or make arrangements to ship your car.

Disadvantages of Moving Pods

While pods have numerous advantages, they do have some drawbacks. These include:

  • As Great Guys Moving points out, storage containers are not climate controlled. While the container may protect your belongings from wind and rain, high humidity, heat or cold could increase the risk of damage to sensitive items. As your container provider if they have insulated containers which can help prevent extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Although you can lock the container, it sits outside making the unit subject to vandalism.
  • If you need more time, you have to pay for the extra days. The total bill may not be known until after you complete your move. This could result in some surprise fees and other charges.
  • A moving container is usually more expensive than a rental moving truck.
  • You need a parking space or driveway in both locations to place the pod. This may require a parking permit in some areas. Your apartment complex may restrict access because it detracts from the aesthetics.
  • Most pod companies are franchised, and it can be difficult to track the location of your pod.
  • You cannot control exact pickup and delivery times.
  • Assistance may be necessary when moving large items in and out of the pod.

Every storage and moving option has its pros and cons. When it comes time to move, weigh the factors of each type to decide which moving method is right for you. No matter which service you choose, remember to call around to get the best possible price and read comparisons of different companies, like upack vs PODS.

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