Top Tips for Living in a Small Space


Thirty years ago, small space living was the province of younger people starting off their adult lives. At this juncture into the 21st century, a growing number of individuals, of all backgrounds and of all ages, are turning to living in smaller residential spaces.

Managing life in a small space is not always easy. With that noted, there are some solid tips and strategies you can employ to make the most out of living in a small space.

Flexibility is a Must

An essential tip to enhancing life in a small space is flexibility. At the heart of flexibility as a strategy to make the most of a small residence is making different areas suitable for multiple purposes. For example, you can create a living and dining space in one common area. As an aside, when designing a flexible room in a small apartment, close attention must be paid to adding versatile furnishings that can serve multiple purposes.

Unblock Sightlines

One powerful step that you can take to make the most of a small residential space is to unblock sightlines whenever reasonably possible. You can unblocking sightlines by using elements like sheer curtains or clear glass. For example, try outfitting a tiny bathroom with a glass shower. Also, take full advantage of windows and mirrors throughout a small residence.

Strategic Storage

An important tactic to making the most of a small residential space is strategic storage. Strategic storage occurs on at least a couple of levels. First, eliminating clutter in a small home is a must. You just cannot leave things lying around. Even leaving a few small items out can make a small home feel messy and cluttered.

Second, the storage units utilized in your home must be appropriately designed to fit snugly into a confined psace. Also, storage units must be as flexible as possible, to address evolving storage needs in a small residence. If you don’t have enough extra space in your home, you may want to consider renting a storage unit.

Clean and Declutter Regularly

A larger residential space permits a person more flexibility when it comes to the timing of cleaning and addressing clutter. Although many individuals prefer to clean regularly, even in a larger space, there is more room for a bit of slacking in a bigger home.

However, a person residing in a smaller residence must stay on top of cleaning and eliminate clutter. The failure to do so can leave a small house feeling not only untidy but cramped and unpleasant, in a very short period.

Bright Trumps Dark

Although you may be like many people and favor rich, dark colors when decorating your home, more brilliant color selections are likely a far better choice if you live in a small space. Light colors make even a small space seem larger and more inviting overall. The key here is bright colors, and not basic white, when it comes to enhancing the look and feel of a small space. Check out these recommended colors for small space.

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